You may customize your tins with many additional features that best fit your needs. Following are some of the options we offer.

Create a Custom Tin for Any Shape or Size You May Need

Start Customizing
  • You can customize your tins in literally any shape imaginable, as all our tins are crafted out of premium tin plates with great processability, also because our professional staff can use different techniques to help turn your tin idea into a beautiful container.

  • Popular shapes include: square, round, rectangular, oval, and other odd/fancy forms.

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Lids & Closing Mechanisms for Different Purposes

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Hinged Lids

  • Easy to seal off your tins.
  • Common for square or rectangular tins.
  • Often used to hold sweets, tea, or coffee.
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Sliding Lids

  • Convenient to open & close.
  • Common for small or medium sized tins.
  • Often used as food tins or decorative tins.
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See-Through Lids

  • For small tins.
  • Can feature both a screw-cap or slipcover closing method.
  • Great for displaying colorful products like candies, etc.

Screw Caps

  • Sealing off tightly with a twist of your wrist.
  • Can only be used on round tin containers.
  • Great for holding any sort of goods.
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  • Easily sliding on top of your empty can.
  • Can be used on any tin container, no matter their shape or volume.

Printing Techniques

  • Silk-Screen Printing
  • Full-Color Printing
  • Emboss & Deboss
  • Laser Printing
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    Silk-Screen Printing

    • Affordable and great for introducing a limited edition or promotional item into the market.
    • Can be applied to small metal containers and large tin cans alike.
    • Available in single color or multi-color layouts.
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    Full-Color Printing

    • Featuring the highest quality and detail.
    • Often applied on premium gift and holiday tins as well as limited editions.
    • Available in single, duplex, or multicolor scheme.
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    Emboss & Deboss

    • Able to add a 3D touch and look to your metal tins.
    • Popular for the use of limited edition tins.
    • Can be combined with a full-color print.
  • X55特写380X300

    Laser Printing

    • An affordable way to engrave your company logo or an entire message to your custom tins.
    • With endless possibilities – your logo, a picture, or text – all can be smoothly engraved into your custom made tins.
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As there are unlimited possibilities with our customized tins, accompanying decorations and extras such as handles, latches, etc are available as per request, in order to bring out the most attractive tin packaging for your product.

Some popular extras we provide include:
  • Handle
  • Ribbon
  • Craft Mirror
  • Musical Box
  • Double Deck
  • Shiny Powder