Tin Boxes and Packaging

Tengda's customizable tins come in a wide variety of styles and are appropriate for all packaging needs. As a leading tin packaging manufacturer in China, Tengda provides the best ODM & OEM services to each and every customer, ensuring flexibility down to the very last detail. Our diverse in-house capabilities will help suit the needs of all businesses, stably and profitably.

Discover Premium Custom Tin Box Packaging Solutions with Tengda – Your Partner in Quality and Innovation


Still looking for a reliable tin box manufacturer? Tengda may be your best choice, as a leader in the industry since 1991, with over 30 years of experience in customizing tin containers, we pride ourselves on our distinct advantages:


  1. Creative Customization with Experienced Technical Team: we can transform your creative ideas into eye-catching custom tin boxes, that’s to say, you will have 3D visualizations of your designs on the computer, and we can also send the actual samples to you via DHL.


  1. Quality Assurance: Our advanced production line and experienced QC team ensure that each tin box is durable and of the highest quality.


  1. Efficient One-Stop Service: Our professional team will serve you from design to production.


  1. Fast Delivery: With five automatic production lines and thousands of semi-automatic machines manned by our skilled workforce, we can produce 20000-50000 tin boxes per day.


  1. Low Minimum Order Quantity: We offer low MOQ to help you test the market.


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Tin Containers & Metal Tins


Tengda supplies you with the best metal packaging solutions, with over a thousand different sizes and shapes of tin box molds. All our tin containers are crafted to food-grade standards, featuring a rolled-edge construction for enhanced safety. These tin boxes are the perfect packaging choice for a variety of products including tea, candles, cosmetics, biscuits, candies, mints, spices, pharmaceuticals, etc.


Our tin boxes can be customized in any desired color, style, and closure type. Options include slide lids, hinged tops, window lids (clear tops), screw lids, twist lids etc. The rolled-edge design of our products ensures a tight and secure fit of the lid, while the seamless structure of selected containers provides an ideal storage environment for semi-solid products. With storage capacities ranging from half an ounce to 16 ounces, we offer a variety of sizes for your products.


The Brief Introduction of Tinplate and Tin Containers



Originating in the 14th century, tinplate, a tin-coated thin steel sheet, is not only a product of the Industrial Revolution but also a important material in the modern packaging industry. Initially used for decorative purposes, its rust-resistant properties soon shifted its use to practical applications. The introduction of electrolytic tin plating significantly enhanced tinplate quality, making it essential in preserving food and packaging military supplies. Today, tinplate production is a global industry.


From ancient handicrafts to modern, multifunctional packaging solutions, tin boxes are not just storage solutions, it become part of our lives, like from elegant biscuit tins to luxury brand packaging.


The tin box manufacturing process combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, ensuring durability and uniqueness. Tin containers play a very important role in industries like food, beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industry etc.


As a long term storage solution, tin boxes are not only durable but also highly recyclable, so in addition to making your product packaging more green, it’s also good for your company’s brand and cost saving.


Advantages of  Custom Tin Packaging


Tin boxes, made from a blend of tin and iron, offer several advantages as packaging solutions:




Tin boxes are recyclable and reusable, reducing environmental impact. Their sustainability caused no ocean pollution.




In today’s market, businesses often seek packaging that reflects their brand identity and meets specific product needs. Tin boxes cater to this requirement with their customizable nature, allowing for specific shapes, sizes, and designs.




Tin boxes are versatile, suitable for a wide range of products including food, cosmetics, stationery, gifts and medicines etc.




Product protection and safe transportation are crucial in long transactions. Tin boxes are sturdy and durable, resisting compression, falls, and other forms of physical damage.


Attractive Appearance


The appearance of a product is vital in marketing. Tin boxes enhance visual appeal through high-quality printing and design, elevating the perceived value and marketing.


Year-Round Availability


Tin boxes are available throughout the year, meeting diverse business needs and allowing for timely procurement.



Tin container packaging, with these advantages, holds a unique position in the market, not only meets practical operational needs but also good for establishing a strong, distinct brand presence. For buyers seeking efficient, reliable, and market-attractive packaging solutions, tin boxes are an ideal choice.


Specific Applications as Examples in the Market

Food Industry: Tin boxes are commonly used for food like canned goods, beverages, and spices. They protect food quality and taste with excellent sealing properties.


Cosmetics Industry: Used for packaging perfumes, skincare, and makeup, tin boxes protect the quality and effectiveness of cosmetics, ensuring good preservation and antibacterial properties.


Electronics Industry: Employed for electronic products like phones, computers, and TVs, tin boxes safeguard against damage and aid in heat dissipation, beneficial for electronics.




The Importance of Child-Resistant Closure Tin Boxes in Safety and Procurement


In today’s safety-conscious market, how to package harmful substances is very important for children. Child Resistant Closure (CRC) tin boxes play a vital role in preventing accidental access.


(For more details please check our blog: https://tdtin.com/child-resistant-closure-tins/



Unintentional poisonings happen every year, making child-resistant packaging essential. CRC tin boxes, with mechanisms like double-key systems, effectively prevent child access to hazardous substances.


We have a lot of CRC tin boxes that come in various shapes and sizes, and also we offer customization to meet specific branding and logistical needs. Quality assurance and certifications are crucial for compliance and safety.


Please send us your specific demands for more details, we love to help you balance quality, cost, and logistics, free CRC tin samples are available, you can see how they ensure safety, and we can send free samples via DHL for you. Please contact lily@tdtin.com.



What Are Tin Boxes Used For?


With more than 2000 sets of tin box molds of different sizes and shapes in our factory, we can provide you with perfect customized packaging solutions according to your requirements. All our tin boxes are corrosion-resistant, non-rusting and 100% safe for food products, completely guaranteeing the appearance, taste and quality of your food products, also we can customize inner trays to protect your products. (You can see lots of inner trays in our blog – https://tdtin.com/how-to-protect-your-product-in-the-tin/)


Because of this, tin boxes are now the preferred choice of packaging worldwide, especially in the food industry and cosmetics industry, etc. They are also becoming increasingly popular in other, for example, gift industries.


Now tin boxes are far from being simple product packaging, they can be said to be a powerful way to promote your company’s brand, you can print your company’s logo on the tin box design in any color, any size, and different shapes, our hundreds of irregular tin containers include book-shaped, heart-shaped, car-shaped and so on, imagine how happy your customers will be when they get these beautiful tins, which will attract more and more customers to your brand!


Many customers don’t throw away the tin box after eating the food inside, for there are too many beautiful tin boxes had been designed, people usually keep these boxes to put some personal belongings such as keys, coins, etc. and also make all kinds of decorations and DIY handicrafts out of the empty tin boxes, and some people even collect tin boxes as their hobby, an 83-year-old Belgian woman named Yvette Dardenne has collected more than 60,000 different styles of tin boxes from all over the world for more than 30 years, which occupy four rooms!



You can find some of the most common uses for tin boxes below


Cosmetic Tin Containers & Makeup Tin Containers


With their unique advantages, tins has been more and more widely used in the cosmetic industry in recent years, especially the smaller size tin boxes, often used to contain creams, lotions, waxes, lip glosses, and other products, and these small tin containers usually have a screw cap and EPE liner, which can be easily put into the wallet or pocket, and it is very convenient to carry it, no need to worry about the leakage and the larger size tin boxes is usually used to contain hand cream, body lotion, hairspray, etc., with large capacity and high-cost performance.



Spice Tins


It’s common to see large and small tin containers in people’s kitchens, they are not only stylish and practical but also good for keeping spices and dried goods fresh. Our spice tins for the food and beverage industry are suitable for storing a wide range of herbs and condiments, and their EPE lining and resealable lids ensure that the contents retain their original freshness for a long time, and can be refilled and reused when they run out. The window tins are especially popular, as people can see the different spices inside through the see-through top lid.


In terms of branding and product protection, we offer customized design services, including shape, size, color, and design printing of tin boxes to strengthen your brand image and attract your target customers. Meanwhile, we strictly follow food safety standards to ensure that all containers are absolutely safe and contamination-free when in direct contact with food.


Our spice tins are made of recyclable materials for environmental protection, easy to post-process and recycle, reducing the impact on the environment and meeting the high environmental concerns of modern consumers.



Tin gift box


Tin boxes are containers usually made from steel with a tin coating. These ton gift boxes have a movable lid or hinged covers. Tin boxes are used to pack gifts on different occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and holidays. Tin boxes come in many shapes and sizes, from simple and elegant to decorative.





Custom Tin Containers for All Needs & Industries

  • Our custom tin containers​ are so versatile that they can be crafted into personalized tin cans, tin jars, and other tin containers, suitable for holding a wide range of products and goods. Our highly adaptable tins are available in any shape and size, any design and pattern, as well as any printing technique and add-on, upon request.

  • Besides ordinary storage containers for a wide range of products, our tins can play the role of a reliable product protector, be viewed as an artful piece of home decoration, function as a most affordable advertisement for branding, and serve as a lasting souvenir of a special anniversary.

  • When you need custom tin packaging in bulk, turn to Tengda, your reliable tin box manufacturer since 1991. With our high-quality packaging as a permanent reminder of your product and your company, you can attract new customers or generate repeat business to package more profit.